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Insurance and Risk Management



Jessica Laux
(804) 828-7531
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Assistant Director

Steve Kessinger
(804) 828-4989
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Senior Insurance Analyst

Monee Mosley
(804) 827-0359
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Fire Safety Engineer (MCV Campus)

Bill Willis
(804) 828-7385
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Fire Safety Engineer (Monroe Park Campus)

Michael Butts
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Occupational Safety Manager

Christine Blakey
(804) 827-0357
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Environmental Health and Safety



Michael Cimis
(804) 827-0348
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Radiation Safety

Radiation Safety Officer

Mary Beth Taormina
(804) 828-7097
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Radiation Safety Supervisor

Holly Dean
(804) 828-5680
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Senior Radiation Safety Specialist

Jason Meade
(804) 828-0594
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Radiation Safety Specialist

Beth Rosenberg
(804) 828-9134
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Radiation Safety Specialist

Sara Adams
(804) 828-9133
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Radiation Safety Technician

JC Carter
(804) 827-0346
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Labratory Safety

Labratory Safety Officer

Larry Mendoza
(804) 828-2596
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Senior Laboratory Safety Specialist

Daniel Munoz
(804) 828-1279
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Laboratory Safety Technician

Kabrina Tippett
(804) 828-3650
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Hazardous Waste Technician

Bill Riddell
(804) 828-0795
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Hazardous Waste Technician

Greg Mundie
(804) 827-0354
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Industrial Hygiene

Industrial Hygienist

Valerie Pegues
(804) 828-2953
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Biosafety Officer

Mike Elliott
(804) 400-4984
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Assistant Biosafety Officer

Virginia Sykes
(804) 828-2950
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Senior Biosafety Specialist

Vickie Haller
(804) 827-0353
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