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Foreign Travel

Auto Insurance

Travelers leasing a vehicle in a foreign country should always purchase the collision damage waiver and supplemental liability coverage offered by the rental car company. These coverages will facilitate claim handling in the event of an accident and are the only optional “coverages” offered by foreign leasing companies that will be reimbursed. The state's auto liability is excess over any valid and collectible primary auto liability insurance provided by a rental car company with a $2,000,000 per claim limit. 

See the complete Virginia Commonwealth University travel and reimbursement policies and procedures.

Foreign Liability

For all faculty and staff:

The comprehensive general liability coverage provided under the State Risk Management Plan protects faculty, staff and agents of the university while performing university authorized activities in foreign countries. It covers negligent acts and omissions that result in third-party liability claims for bodily injury and/or property damage. Personal conduct that is clearly outside of the scope of employment or authorization, including criminal acts are, not covered.

For Study Abroad Program Directors concerning Liability Insurance Coverage:

Faculty members who are program directors for study abroad and have complied with all of the VCU Office of Education Abroad, Global Education requirements for such programs are afforded the same liability coverage in a foreign country as they would have on campus. Faculty members are covered by the liability plan administered by the state Division of Risk Management for acts arising within the scope of their employment (meaning those acts undertaken as part of their jobs in furtherance of the educational objectives of the university, as opposed to their strictly personal conduct). Acts outside the scope of employment, or criminal in nature, are not covered.

Health Insurance

Employees and students are advised to contact their health care provider before traveling abroad to ensure they have coverage and to determine how to use their plan in the country they are traveling to.

Emergency Evacuation Coverage

AIG Travel Assist provides emergency medical, natural disaster, and political evacuation services for those who travel on VCU and VCU Health System business outside of the United States. If you suffer a serious injury or illness while traveling on university business, AIG Travel Assist will coordinate your medically necessary emergency evacuation. AIG Travel Assist will also coordinate your emergency evacuation in the event of a natural disaster or political unrest when warranted by conditions in the host country. You will be covered for up to 365 consecutive days of authorized travel.

Foreign Travel Website

VCU travelers have access to country-specific travel alerts on emerging situations, as well as information on how to stay healthy and safe while traveling abroad. To register and begin accessing this information, visit Review the Travel Assist Website User Guide for registration instructions. Our policy number is 9146660.

Contact Travel Assist

Toll free (within the U.S.): 1 (877) 244-6871
Collect/reverse charge (outside the U.S.): +1 (715) 346-0859

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