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General Liability

General liability coverage is meant to protect against omissions or acts of negligence for which Virginia Commonwealth University or its employees and agents may be legally liable to pay due to bodily injury, personal injury or property damage to a third party.

Who is covered?

The policy covers VCU, its board, officers, employees, students (under certain circumstances) and agents while they are acting within the scope of their employment or authorized assigned duties under the direction of VCU, whether on or off campus.


Coverage may not be provided to employees, students or agents of VCU if it is determined that liability was incurred by reason of:

  • Acts of fraud or dishonesty
  • Acts of intentional, malicious, or willful and wanton conduct
  • Criminal acts

An employee or agent of VCU who does not report an incident or otherwise does not cooperate in the defense of a claim also may not be covered or defended by the state.

Note: All incidents that might lead to a liability claim should be reported to the Office of Insurance and Risk Management at (804) 828-4989 or (804) 828-4989 or faxed to (804) 827-0359.

Reporting a claim

Follow the steps below to report a claim:

  1. Notify your supervisor.
  2. Complete an Incident Report, including all pertinent information.

You should make no statement as to liability or who is at fault.


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