Dangerous Goods Training

Dangerous Goods are substances that when transported are a risk to health, safety, property or the environment. It is imperative to have proper packaging, labeling, and shipping documentation when shipping or receiving dangerous goods to avoid harm and potential fines.

This course provides attendees training in:

  • General Awareness
  • Function Specific/Job Specific
  • Safety
  • Security Awareness

Participants will gain the knowledge required to be able to ship infectious agents. The course reviews IATA guidelines for both national and international shipments with a focus on Dangerous Goods: Class 6 (Infectious agents and toxins) and Class 9 (Shipments requiring Dry Ice). A brief introduction to the shipment of other hazardous materials will also be covered.

Dangerous Goods Training

Dangerous Goods training at VCU is managed by the Environmental Health and Safety team.
Training is only available online via zoom (live) and attendees must register for the course through:


Who needs IATA Dangerous Goods Training?

The International Air Transport Association (IATA) requires training for every employee involved in dangerous goods shipments by air. Any VCU personnel who handle dangerous goods while in transit by a public carrier must follow these specific regulations and must have proof of training. Training is required to be updated every two years.

The training is required for employees who perform at least one of these job functions:

  • Classify dangerous goods
  • Load, unload, handle, or receive shipments of dangerous goods
  • Manufacture, select, pack or seal packages for shipment of dangerous goods
  • Mark or label packages for shipment
  • Fill out or sign dangerous goods declarations
  • Responsible for the safe transport of dangerous goods

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