Lab Safety Training

All lab staff are required to take safety training. The type or number of safety training modules depends on the job activities of each individual in the lab. At a minimum, most lab staff who work in a wet lab must take the Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety once every 4 years and the Hazardous Waste Management in Laboratories training yearly (as required by the EPA and DEQ).

In addition, all Principal Investigators must take the PI Responsibilities Training yearly. 

Specialized training such as:

  • Dangerous Goods Shipping
  • Laser Safety, Biosafety
  • Bloodborne Pathogens
  • NIH Guidelines for rDNA
  • Pyrophoric Chemical Safety
  • Radiation Safety
  • Working with Autoclaves

Others will be based on each lab member’s individual Job Activities, which must be accurately checked in their BioRAFT member profile. Training is tracked and documented through BioRAFT and is audited during the annual lab safety assessments by the lab safety team.

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