Laboratory Cleanouts

Laboratory cleanouts are considered special projects and will incur a cost to the lab or department. Laboratory cleanouts usually require a third-party vendor to come to the lab and conduct a “lab pack” of all chemicals that require disposal. 

To request a laboratory cleanout, the lab must contact EHS-SRM directly with the following information:

1. Name of contact

2. Building name and room number(s)

3. Volume of chemicals (an approximation is ok)

4. Be able to provide a list of the chemicals to be disposed

 It is helpful and less costly if all chemicals that require disposal are consolidated in one area of the laboratory.


The Hazardous Waste contractor may request a preliminary visit to the lab to ensure there are no chemicals that may require special handling or procedures and to be able to provide an estimate of cost.

 Useful Tips for Managing Chemicals

  1. Only buy in small volumes
  2. Use or dispose of peroxide forming chemicals before their expiration date
  3. Quench all highly reactive chemicals prior to disposal 
  4. Request regular waste pick ups to avoid a large accumulation of old chemicals in the laboratory. 
  5. Keep the lab’s chemical inventory in BioRAFT Chemtracker updated and check it before buying chemicals to avoid buying multiple bottles of the same chemicals. 


Contact Chemical Safety

For questions or concerns, Hazardous Waste Technicians 
Harmon Moneyhan and Sean Ford.