Biological Spills

Spill response kits must be maintained in all areas where infectious waste is managed. Each spill kit, at minimum, should include the following:

1. At least one gallon of *fresh 10 – 20% bleach solution or other approved hospital-grade disinfectant, such as Conflikt™, Virkon™ or Trifectant™

2. Absorbent materials, such as absorbent pads, vermiculite, or disposable towels, for containing and treating spills

3. Spray/mist bottles for bleach water application

4. A cache of unused "red bags" for receiving waste generated during spill response or for overpacking leaking containers.  Waste can be disposed of in the regulated medical waste box present in the room, and then be closed up for disposal.

5. Rigid containers for receiving contaminated broken glass and other sharps materials (sharps containers already in the room are adequate)

6. Eye protection gear, including splash resistant safety glasses and face shields

7. A broom, heavy-duty brush and dustpan (for spills involving sharps materials**)

8. Extra clothing to replace contaminated items (scrubs e.g.)

*Amount of available sodium hypochlorite in bleach stocks and solutions will reduce over time necessitating annual replacement of undiluted bleach stock and weekly (every 7 days) preparation of fresh solutions used for disinfection/decontamination.

** Clean-up of spills involving sharps materials, such as broken glass, should be conducted utilizing tongs and/or forceps for removal and placements of shards into sharps containers. Final clean-up of the affected area should be completed utilizing a broom and dustpan.