Lab Safety Assessments

Laboratory Safety Assessments are conducted by the lab safety team on a yearly basis.

Laboratory Safety Assessments Achieve Two Goals:

  1. To ensure that the laboratory maintains a safe working environment, is compliant with safety regulations, and promotes a positive safety culture and accountability. 
  2. For the lab safety team to provide guidance, answer or clarify any questions or issues, help with risk assessments, assist with finding solutions to laboratory issues, and to partner with the research community to provide solutions to safety concerns.

Laboratory Safety Assessments will be conducted by scheduling blocks of time with a building, floor, laboratory, or department and may include one or more lab safety team specialists visiting the lab.  During this time period lab safety team members may do the following:

  • Visually inspect the laboratory for any safety concerns. 
  • Consult with laboratory staff on safety issues.
  • Remove old, expired, and legacy chemicals.
  • Assist with mitigating findings when possible.
  • Deliver labels and other safety-related items. 
  • Answer questions and provide clarification on safety concerns.


Laboratory Safety Assessments are conducted using BioRAFT and all correspondence regarding these assessments will be managed through BioRAFT.

Self Assessments

Self assessments can be performed in BioRAFT by clicking on the “Self Assessment” tab. This is a useful tool to help research staff continue to remain in compliance throughout the year or to prepare for an official laboratory safety assessment. Self Assessment checklists are the same as the yearly safety assessments that the lab safety team uses.