Fire Safety

Fire Safety aims to prevent fires in VCU and VCU Health buildings by providing fire safety and prevention training to building occupants, facilities management (fmd) and contractors. Our team promotes safety and remains compliant with applicable fire codes by routinely testing and inspecting various fire systems, equipment and procedures.

VCU Fire Safety also provides on-scene coordination between VCU Operations Center and the Richmond Fire Department. Following an emergency, we ensure fire protection and alarm equipment returns to proper working order.

The Fire Safety team manages various fire detecting, extinguishing and suppression systems on both the Monroe Park and MCV campuses. Our team is responsible for developing and maintaining practices in support of reducing fire risks by ensuring these systems are operated properly and regularly inspected and tested.

Information on the following topics are available upon request. Please contact Fire Safety for more information. 

  • Kitchen Hood Systems
  • Open Flame Permitting & Policy
  • Fire Pumps
  • Clean Agent Suppression Systems
  • Fire Shutters


Contact Fire Safety

For assistance accessing information related to our programs, please contact

Fire Safety Staff