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Man providing safety tips in machine shop

Safety Suggestion Box

Bring non-urgent safety issues to our attention by completing this form.

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Who we are

We partner with the Virginia Commonwealth University community to promote and facilitate a positive, campuswide attitude of safety excellence and environmental stewardship to protect university assets and reduce risks.

What we do

Our staff provides expertise, services and consultations to assist organizations in achieving regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. To learn more, contact us.

Why it matters

Everything we do is based on the belief that we all want to go home at the end of our work day as healthy and as safe as when we arrived at work.

Emergency numbers

  • Fire:
    (804) 828-1234
  • Chemical/biological/radiation:
    (804) 828-9834

Nonemergency numbers

  • Fire, MCV Campus:
    (804) 828-7899
  • Fire, Monroe Park Campus:
    (804) 828-0040
  • Radiation:
    (804) 828-9131
  • Chemical/biological:
    (804) 828-1392
  • Insurance/risk:
    (804) 828-4989