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    Who Does What?

    • Assist in filling out/approval of Biological Registrations of all research labs on BioRAFT; contact Mike Elliott for specific info about Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC) review.
    • Review and approve protocols for The Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) via the Protocol Submission Process /Click Commerce. Additionally, provide inspections and coordinate resolution of problems, of animal spaces twice a year.
    • Conduct Biological/Chemical laboratory lab assessments. More specific/detailed inspections of all Biosafety Level 2 and 2+ labs are handled by the Biosafety Office only.
    • Conduct assessment of the PIs' Biological Registration in BioRAFT (or their MUA) to assist the PI in getting approval for the receipt of agents that require the submission of an Material Transfer Agreement (MTA) via the The Office of Research Administration & Compliance.
    • Fire Pump Testing
    • Sprinkler Testing
    • Fire Alarm Testing
    • Fire Door/Shutter Testing
    • Fire Extinguisher Testing
    • Fire Evacuation Drills
    • Kitchen Hood Fire Suppression Testing
    • Community Out-reach
    • Fire Department Building Tours
    • Construction/Renovation Inspections
    • Fire Extinguisher Training
    • Support 3rd Parties with system shutdowns
    • Review Fire Prevention and Life Safety Code Questions
    • Respond to and Investigate Fire Emergencies
    • Manage University Hotworks Permit Program
    • Liaison to Fire Marshal Office and BCOM
    • Chemical Exposure Monitoring
    • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
    • Respiratory Hazard Assessments
    • Respirator Fit Testing
    • Respiratory Protection Training
    • Hazardous Noise Surveys
    • Waste Anesthetic Gas Exposure Assessment
    • Abestos/Silica Awareness Training
    • Exposure Monitoring for Nitrous Oxide/Sevoflurane /Formaldehyde/ Xylene/Aldehydes
    • Driver Training & Vehicles Safety
    • Certificates of Insurance
    • Claims Management
    • International Insurance and Risk
    • Non Employee Incident Investigations
    • Contract Review
    • Risk Analysis/Consulting
    • Radioactive materials procurement
    • Radioactive materials disposal
    • Radiation Safety training and in-service education
    • Radiation dosimetry
    • Radiation survey instrument calibration
    • Prenatal radiation safety information
    • Security of radioactive materials
    • Transfer of radioactive materials outside VCU
    • Obtaining approval to use radioactive material or radiation producing devices (non human research)
    • Obtaining approval to use radioactive material or radiation producing devices (human/research subjects)
    • Information for setup of radioisotope use laboratories
    • Information for closing out radioisotope use laboratories
    • Radiation risk information
    • Radiation emergency procedures
    • Regulations involving use of radioactive materials and radiation producing devices
    • Diffraction unit radiation safety
    • Laser safety information
    • Approval for use of research irradiator (eID and password required)
    • Yearly Lab Safety Assessments
    • Fume Hood Air Flow Verification
    • BioRAFT Implementation and Maintenance
    • Online and in Class Laboratory Safety Training
      • In Class:
        • Dangerous Goods
      • Online:
        • Fundamentals of Laboratory Safety
        • PI Responsibilities
        • Laboratory Hazardous Waste Management
    • Research Risk Assessments and Consultations
      • Laboratory Safety
      • Field Research Safety
      • Personal Protective Equipment
    • Chemical Spill Response and Mitigation
    • VCU Health Systems Support
      • Consultations
      • Chem Spill Response and Mitigation
      • Joint Commission Environment Of Care HazMat Subcommittee
    • Associated Committees
      • Laboratory Safety Committee
      • Export Control Committee
      • Institutional Biosafety Committee
    • Laboratory Decommissioning
      • Review, inspect, and verify old lab equipment is ready for disposal
      • Review, inspect, and verify laboratories are cleared for renovations
    • Laboratory Clean Outs
    • Assist with Respiratory Fit Testing for VCU and VCU Health Systems
    • Lab Renovations and New Building Consultations
    • Liason for Regulatory Entities
    • Hazardous Waste Appointments and Pick Ups
    • Manage two 90-Day and one 180-Day Hazardous Waste Storage Facilities
    • Bulk, segregate and store hazardous waste
    • Assist Facilities to maintain the Universal Waste Program
      • Quarterly Inspections of Universal Waste Accumulation Areas
      • Consultations and Training on Hazardous Waste Related Matters
      • Satellite Accumulation Area Management
      • Appropriate Storage and Disposal of Hazardous Waste
    • Laboratory Clean Outs
    • Liason for Regulatory Entities
    • VCU Health Systems
      • Pick up Hazardous Waste and Hazardous Pharmaceutical Waste
      • Assist with Emergency Response and Chemical Spill Mitigation
    • Safety inspections
    • Hazard analysis
    • Accident investigations
    • Ergonomic assessments
    • Training


    Who We Are:

    We partner with the Virginia Commonwealth University community to promote and facilitate a positive, campuswide attitude of safety excellence and environmental stewardship to protect university assets and reduce risks.

    What We Do:

    Our staff provides expertise, services and consultations to assist organizations in achieving regulatory compliance and continuous improvement. To learn more, contact us.

    Why It Matters:

    Everything we do is based on the belief that we all want to go home at the end of our work day as healthy and as safe as when we arrived at work.


    Emergency numbers:

    (804) 828-1234

    (804) 828-9834

    Non-Emergency numbers:

    Fire, MCV Campus:
    (804) 828-7899

    Fire, Monroe Park Campus:
    (804) 828-0040

    (804) 828-9131

    Lab Safety:
    (804) 828-1392

    (804) 828-4989

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