Vehicle Insurance

Automobile liability, collision and comprehensive coverages are provided through the Commonwealth’s self-insured Risk Management Plan. Coverage applies to both state-owned vehicles and commercially leased vehicles when they are used for authorized business purposes. Executive Order 89 requires that state-owned vehicles be used strictly for official business.

Auto Liability 

Liability coverage is extended to the operator of a state-owned vehicle whose negligence results in bodily injury or property damage to a third party.

VCU, its board members, officers, employees, students and agents are covered under the Commonwealth’s Risk Management Plan while operating a state-owned or rental vehicle, provided they are acting within the scope of their employment, authorization or assigned duties.

The limit of liability for individuals operating a state vehicle on Virginia Commonwealth University business is $2 million per claim.

Physical Damage

The Commonwealth’s collision and comprehensive coverage is limited to the actual cash value of the damaged state vehicle. Comprehensive coverage includes loss from glass breakage, fire, theft and vandalism. The department that owns, rents or leases the vehicle is responsible for the $1,000 deductible.

Personal Vehicles

Personal vehicles are not covered by the plan, even if used by employees or students who are driving within the scope of their employment or assigned duties. In the event of an accident, the Commonwealth’s Division of Risk Management may, at its discretion, assume liability for losses that exceed the vehicle owner’s personal policy limits.


Changes to the fleet must be reported to Insurance and Risk Management so that physical damage and comprehensive coverage can be obtained or discontinued. New vehicles may not be driven until coverage is confirmed by Insurance and Risk Management.

Report Vehicles

 To report a new vehicle or report the sale or surplus of a vehicle,
call (804) 827-0359 or (804) 827-0358.

Driver Responsibilities

Drivers must be familiar with the:

Vehicle Accident Prevention and Safety Policy

Drivers are responsible for reporting any accident to law enforcement, their supervisor and the office of Insurance and Risk Management. The operator must also cooperate fully in the investigation and the defense of any claim or related suit. Failure to report an accident or cooperate may result in a denial of coverage. Individuals will not be covered for acts of intentional, malicious or wanton misconduct or criminal acts in the use of a vehicle, or use for personal transportation.

Cell phones and other electronic devices must be operated via a hands-free device when driving a state-owned or rented vehicle. Text messaging and emailing by the driver are strictly prohibited while the vehicle is in motion. This policy also applies to vehicles rented for VCU-approved travel.

Reporting a Claim

If you are involved in an accident while operating a state-owned vehicle or a vehicle rented for VCU business, follow these steps:

  1. While the vehicle is at the scene, call the state police or, if the accident occurs on campus, call VCU Police at (804) 828-1234.
  2. Notify your supervisor as soon as possible
  3. Do not make a statement of any kind to anyone other than a VCU employee, a law enforcement officer or a representative of the Division of Risk Management.
  4. An Automobile Incident Report should be in all state-owned vehicles for reporting an accident.

Return Completed Form

Return the completed form to Insurance and Risk Management at Postal Box 842501, Richmond, VA 23284-3040
or fax to (804) 828-8510.

Rental Vehicles

VCU has contracts with a number of leasing companies that include a damage waiver covering physical damage to the rental vehicle in the event of an at fault accident. The list of approved leasing companies can be found on the Procurement website. To utilize these contracts and take advantage of this coverage, employees must use the contract number provided.

Departments that choose to reserve a rental vehicle with a company other than those listed on the Procurement website will be responsible for damages up to the $1,000 deductible under the state’s Lease Care plan in the event of an at-fault accident or incidental damage to the vehicle during the rental period.



the damage waiver is a reimbursable expense for domestic rentals only when obtained through these contracts or when renting a vehicle in a foreign country. Go to Foreign Travel for more information.