SciShield (formerly BioRAFT) is a secure web-based application that provides Principal Investors (PI), lab managers, and lab chemical safety officers, or lab safety liaisons, a place to manage the laboratory’s safety needs. Each PI and/or designee can create and manage a laboratory profile that facilitates the management of the lab’s safety and overall management needs.  It is expected that laboratories maintain all information in SciShield up to date on a regular basis, such as the lab’s member list and chemical inventory.

SciShield lab safety and lab management functions include: 

  • Lab Member list
  • Chemical Inventory and Yearly Chem Inventory Certification/Reconciliation   
  • Lab Space Management
  • Lab safety equipment inventory and yearly certification management
    (Biosafety Cabinets, Lasers, Fume hoods, etc.)
  • IBC Biosafety Protocol Submission and Management
  • Laboratory Safety Assessment Reports including a Self Assessment feature 
  • Laboratory Safety Training

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